National Park

Redwood National Park Tourism Place

Redwood National Park on the Pacific Northwest Coast of California, between Trinidad South or garden border and the cities of Klamath Glen to the North. The Park is located along the long, narrow stretch of the coast of Northern California, almost abutting Oregon.

Transportation to the Park

Visitors can make arrangements to fly to the airport of Eureka-Arcata, located in McKinleyville, 28 miles south of Redwood information center, or to the Crescent City Airport. Car rental is available on site. Greyhound Bus lines pass through the Garden twice per day traveling north and South. Coast Redwood transit system provides access to several trailheads near Crescent City.

In The Park

Once at the foot of the park, a horse, and ride the bike path expands the possibilities.

Redwood plant

The ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest, containing as many as 25 different types of conifers, dominated by just a few. Sitka spruce dominated Southeast Alaska and British Columbia, while the coastal Douglas fir dominates in Oregon, Washington, and the Interior of British Columbia. The majestic coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) is the largest of all, dominate in Northern California.

Wildlife in Redwood National Park

Various types of wildlife call Redwood National and State Parks home. The diversity of the ecosystems in the Park means that different beings such as black bear, sea stars, and the Bald Eagle can be seen by the lucky visitors in one day. In addition to the more general population, many endangered species and nearly extinct relying on old-growth forest Garden, open grasslands, estuaries, and coastal havens are important for life.


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